Work Privately with Montine

Intuition Painting® has been used by clients around the globe to release themselves from being stuck, regain grounding and clarity, reclaim their creative flow and step back into a state of radiance. 

Art is cheaper than therapy and so much more fun!
— Anonymous

If you are unable to join a scheduled class, workshop, or retreat -- or just to ensure greater privacy in your process -- I am available in person, on the phone or via videoconferencing from anywhere around the globe to work with you.

Using a mix of Intuition Painting® and Transformational Coaching, we can work together to help you reconnect to your creative force, gain clarity, confidence and hope, and release ways of being that are no longer serving you.  Contact me using the form below to inquire about setting up a time to discuss what would work best for you.

I was looking for an artistic experience to help me set my creative side free. Montine’s Intuitive Painting Workshop has truly been a gift. Through the process, I’ve been able to better understand my “edges” and face them with direct action. With Montine as the watchful guide, the experience has been nothing less than transformative. Montine is a rare find. She is smart, intuitive, caring, compassionate, inspiring. She provides a safe and inviting atmosphere where one can safely push their boundaries. Highly recommend!
— M.S., Malibu

Here's how it works:

  1. You will read the introductory Paint Awake™ primer to Intuition Painting® in advance of our 1st session:
    Click for Access the Paint Awake™ Primer.

  2. You will have information about:

    1. What supplies and simple set up you will need

    2. Where you can get supplies

    3. How to prepare your space

    4. What technology you will need to participate

  3. In advance of the sessions, you will receive a link to join me online.

  4. We will create intentions for your painting process and work towards those goals in particular.

  5. Each session will include guidance, creativity coaching, relaxing meditations, and intuitive painting. We will work to release fears, inner criticism, perfection, the need for control and more. Each successive session will build upon the last and go deeper into the painting you were working on the previous week.

  6. We will close each session with a check-in and processing to decode the meanings and insights from your paintings.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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Completed One-on-One Intuitive Painting, Australian Participant (6ft x 5ft)

I just love Montine. She is that rare gift of honoring, listening, seeing, knowing, and engaging us to grow at our own pace however we need. With her, the scariness in looking at our darker places is all OK and becomes something we grow to look forward to. Gentle, wise, and fiery, amazing healing alchemy is Montine.
— J.S., Spring Retreat 2015

Pricing for Private Sessions:

3 x 2hr Sessions: $395
Additional 2 hr Sessions: $135 each

LIVE 1:1
(Montine's Studio):
3 x 2hr Sessions: $475
Additional 2 hr Sessions: $145 each

LIVE 1:1
(Offsite, rental fees not included):
6hrs: $650
Additional 2 hr Sessions: $175 each

LIVE up to 10 Participants
(Offsite, rental fees not included):
2 1/2 Day: $3750
Additional Days: $1000